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Ula Yule

Ula Yule, 2012

Ula is a seasoned tarot card reader, and psychic medium with 20+ years experience. She lives between Des Moines, and Egypt with her husband, a native to Egypt who she met while teaching English and Art there.  She began reading tarot cards at 14 years old, and first sensed other spirits when she was little in the mountains of Wyoming.  She has always been sensitive to animals, and angelic entities.  Ula worked for a time at a metaphysical store.  Her readings went public in 2011 during a high-profile missing persons case.  It is due to the family of the missing student that she has formed a group with his cousin, Vianne.

Ula loves to paint in oil, and draw. She is also an avid veggie gardener.   Ula is just about to finish two degrees, a BA in Criminal Justice, and another BA in Business Administration.  She holds an AA in Art, and an AA in Graphics.  She enjoys growing her own small business, and reading Tarot every day to help her clients reach their dreams and aspirations.

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