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Ula Yule, and Vianne Higgins work in a variety of settings to perform high quality readings for each client.  If you do not see your scenario below, we are more than happy to cater the experience you desire according to your needs.  Just contact us at, or call us today at (515) 255-2591

We conduct readings with our Tarot cards.  Medium trance is our means of contacting the other side.  When called to do so, we use dowsing rods, the pendulum, the crystal ball -- and other forms of scrying (reflections, and mirrors) -- and at at other times we are purely clairvoyant, meaning we see the truth with the third eye.  We also perform palmistry and tea leaf reading, as we do enjoy the art of all forms of divination.

For e-mail, phone, and home parlor visits, we make routine use of our wonderful home reading parlors in Des Moines, and Cairo, Egypt.  Some pre-approved clients may be invited to the home parlor for a reading, and we will privately message you with our address in such cases, but it is rare.  We now offer chat sessions either over Facebook IM, Skype or Yahoo IM. 

We will ask you for this information before we can do the reading, so send it to us along with payment, to speed up the process.

Via E-mail

By far the most popular reading request, have the benefit of a lengthy, detailed reading in a format you can always keep.  We are true clairvoyants, and our readings are highly accurate even across national  borders.  Try it today!


If you have a Skype account, just add contact: Visions Psychics.  Drop us a note, or call to arrange a Skype reading, via video, IM, or voice only.  If you don't have a Skype account, it's free!  This is a great way to contact Ula, in Egypt, for our US customers, when she is there.  Skype services are free.  Try it today!

By Phone   
Experience an energetically powerful, in-depth conversation with either Vianne Higgins, and Ula Yule. You may ask for clarification, and more detail as the reading progresses.  Give us a call  at (515) 255-2591, Visions Psychics.  $25 per 15 minutes.  Skype call now available.

House Calls 
We are more than happy to come to you, despite any distance.  Receive individualized attention from a Visions reader in your home for a private reading, or you may plan to host a party for you, your family, and friends.  Tardis Fee applies (see below.)  For prices, see A Menu of Readings.

Readings at our Home Parlor 
We perform our readings from our home parlors every day.  Pre-approved clients may call and stop by our locations.  This is not a storefront, but a private invitation to join us in our own environment. 

We have recently added this feature, because it's practical, and a great way to receive an interactive reading, despite large or small distances, especially if you would like to get in touch with Ula when she is in Egypt.  You can either Yahoo IM, or Facebook Chat with, Skype Chat, or FB chat through Visions on Facebook.

Worldwide Travel
We travel worldwide to locations on-site.  In such cases, food, transportation, and hotel is provided by the client, with reading fees added to these expenses.  Visions Psychics have traveled to assist on missing persons cases.  We can and will travel for many kinds of cases. Please contact for more details,
Overnight Readings
Do you have a haunting you would like investigated?  Our longer readings can provide full insight into the reason for a haunting, and we can produce explanations to any energy anomalies you may be experiencing.  In general, readings for the departed are easier during the night.  Once in awhile, Visions chooses a case to work without charge.  See A Menu of Readings.

The Tardis Fee

If your request includes our travel to you, we will contact you shortly with a Tardis Fee, simply how much it would cost for us to get to you, accommodation, food, and other travel expenses necessary to us, to supplement the normal reading rates.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a reading or spell from Visions Psychics, All Readings and spells are for Entertainment Purposes Only. Information provided by Visions is not to be substituted for professional, legal and or medical advice. No Guarantees are offered and all sales are final.  Every reading is 100% Confidential.