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Photographed: Ula Yule, client, and Vianne Higgins at the 2013 Iowa Metaphysical Fair

We want your feedback! Anyone who has had a reading from us is welcome to send a personal testimonial to  Please be as detailed as possible, and include an approximate date of the reading you received.  While we prefer to use your real name, you may chose to be anonymous.  Share your experience with others who may be considering using our services.  We thank everyone who has taken the time to share!


June 4, 2015 from the Square Feedback - "Amazing experience! Thank you so much, ladies!!"

April 5, 2015 from Kathy Bice - "I have had several readings, good news and not so good. My daughter has also. We recommend 100%. Really feel comfortable and trust."

March 11, 2015 from the Square Feedback -"Awesome people!!!"

January 9, 2014 from Mari Stocker - "Thanks to both of you for being amazing supports in my life. Your talent has made my life way more fun, more positive and more exciting. I can't believe how much I have learned from you. You have not only helped me personally but in business! Thank you."

July 30, 2013 from Candace - "Please add this e-mail to your 'testimonies.' Although visiting a psychic was on my bucket list of things to do, I never truly believed in psychics. I came to you out of curiosity and almost with a mocking sense in my visit. I did everything in my power to throw you off of who I really was as a person - I took off my wedding ring, dressed differently, and even put on a different perfume than I usually wear. It was amazing to me that you both picked up on so many things that no one in the entire world knows about me (literally). I was so impressed by your accuracy that I actually have referred several people to you both. My last friend who visited was also extremely shocked at your accuracy. If I had any advice for people interested in seeing you both, I would say not to go unless you truly want to know the truth. Respectfully, Candace"

December 21, 2012, M, from Des Moines, Iowa, USA: "I truly love these ladies. They are very genuine and I feel so comfortable talking to them. I had my first reading with Ula at a psychic fair... I've had a couple readings done at fairs in the past for fun, but these two ladies are the only ones I have returned to multiple times!! - M "

November 2, 2012, Hope Gettler, Adair, Iowa, USA:
"I wanted to take a moment to Thank Visions Psychics, V and Ula for coming out to our Fall party a week ago. We had several attractions that night that included a Haunted House, Scary movies in the bar, bonfire, and Visions Psychics. I knew...
V and Ula would have a good turn out, but I never thought they would be doing readings from 6pm and until 1am! The most amazing thing about those readings were the accuracy. It made an interesting night by the bonfire listening to people tell others about their readings and how it effected them. Some were crying, some were motivated, some were just amazed that their past or present could be "read" by Ula and V. Several people have asked if we would have them back to do more readings, and some that had readings done at our party have asked for another session. I think that speaks for its self!! We are booking them to come back for readings and also we are scheduling them to investigate our house for paranormal activity. Thank you, Ula and V"

September, 5, 2012, Love Reading, For L, from Iowa, USA:
"I have been meaning to tell you how grateful I am for the reading you did for me. For the first time in years I now have peace of mind and I have been able to let go of C and move forward in my life. I am now living in the moment instead of longing for the past. Thank you so very much."

Aug-31-12 19:38, E-Bay Buyer: tangy2008:
"Wonderful and very detailed! A must have! Gave me a free healing!"

Aug-24-12 07:35, E-Bay Buyer:  "Returning customer. Another great, detailed, and indepth reading. Recommended."

Aug-23-12 15:44, Buyer: garnet730:  "Very nice! Will definitely come back to you!"

August 26th, 2012, Arelia wrote: Amazing reading! Ula and V picked up on so many things that were spot on and brought tears to my eyes - especially regarding a past life I know to be true as I still hold the energy from that particular time! I came back for another reading, and already know I would love I would receive from Spirit through them. Brightest blessings Ula and Vianne!

In Sept. 2012, our Positive feedback was: 100% on E-Bay, at the time they banned psychics.  Here are some of our testimonials there:

Aug-14-12 07:41, E-Bay Buyer: garnet730: "Absolutely amazing! Indepth with lots of information. Highly recommended."

Aug-10-12 02:43, E-Bay Buyer janeheartjane: "Great picked up on lots of personal things. V. Useful. Xxx"

Aug-08-12 13:23, E-Bay Buyer: ehollie92: "Wow! Impressively accurate and helpful! A must try :)"

Aug-18-12 17:05, E-Bay Buyer: tangy2008:  "Excellent readings from 2 psychics."

August 15, 2012, Soul Evolution Reading, Y in Japan:  "The reading was absolutely amazing! Thank you for the indepth reading with invaluable information. It provides me with perspectives on my blind spot that I have been totally pushing out of my conscience. I cannot express how valuable all of this is at my current stage in life. Thank you for your superb service and will return, and definitely refer you to others. Kindly,  Y"

April, 2012, Lost Object, From Mame, Chicago:  "A few weeks ago, I could not find the second set of keys to my car. This is our second home so we have help with starting cars, house watching, etc. while we are not in residence, so they could be many places. I contacted Vianne Higgins and asked to see if she could help me find them. She told me with confidence, that I will find them shortly. She also contacted Ula to enlist her help. She too felt they were within reach. In two days, the keys were found! I was so delighted. My husband was the one who found them and he never can find anything! Amazing! Vianne and Ula make an incredible, strong team!"

April, 2012, Pet Reading, From Mame, Chicago:  "I asked Vianne Higgins to help me with my pet, Quincy, as he seemed to be showing signs of confusion about his house training. She did a reading and said he was not happy with his potty station and felt bad about using it (it was a new set up). I immediately put his old potty station set up back and he now uses it without fail. He also uses the artificial turf outside, which he loves too. He was giving me signs, which Vianne Higgins helped me to understand more exactly from his reading. He loves Vianne Higgins because she helped me to figure out his dilemma! He’s a happy little guy!"

LEGAL DISCLAIMER You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a reading or spell from Visions Psychics, All Readings and spells are for Entertainment Purposes Only. Information provided by Visions is not to be substituted for professional, legal and or medical advice. No Guarantees are offered and all sales are final.  Every reading is 100% Confidential.