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Vianne Higgins

Vianne Higgins, October 2012, missing person investigation.

Vianne Higgins is a Virgo, born in 1958.  She is quite a character, and tells it like it is.  Back in the day Vee majored in English, and loves to write.  Her interest in the metaphysical began in college with astrology.  She had early exposure to astrology, and palmistry through her mother, and extended family.  Her mom read palms in the family beauty salon, and Vee received her first deck of tarot cards about the age of 13.  

The turning point with Vee and her gift occurred when she received a powerfully accurate reading about a potential fire in her family home.  A few months later, the house, in fact, suffered from fire.  This experience convinced her to re-embrace her psychic talents.  She worked for some time as a phone psychic.   Now she is co-owner of Visions.  Vee strives to help people be the best they can be through her readings.

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